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KB-96 - Are there any in-line Z-Wave Relay devices available?


Are there any in-line Z-Wave Relay devices available?


Currently there’s not many options for an in-line Z-Wave module.

The SwiidInter Cord Switch might be an option for some cases but unfortunately it can only handle a load up to 660W which sometimes isn’t enough.

The Swiid also needs wiring directly into the equipment power cable, sometimes it's not possible to do this, or maybe you don't want to be chopping up the existing power cable.


Luckily it’s fairly easy to make one yourself with just a few off-the-shelf parts from your local DIY or electrical store.

The example shown below is ideal for use in-line with a mini-stereo system, a PC, or other such electrical equipment.  Once built, it's "plug-and-play" - just remove the existing power lead and add your creation :-)

Step 1

  • Drill two holes on the Junction Box, one on each end.

Step 2

  • Pass each wire leaving a few centimetres as a margin to work with.
  • Use Hot Glue to hold the wires in place and seal the gaps.

Step 3

  • Wire your chosen relay by following the device manual - make sure to get the "direction of power" correct!
  • Use appropriately rated terminal connectors to join the wires if necessary and safely isolate any unused connections (for example the local switch connections).

Step 4

  • Close the Junction Box.

Step 5

And there you have it, a neat and tidy in-line Z-Wave relay!

We've made a bunch of these ourselves with different input and output leads and they are proving very versatile around our automated home.