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Z-Wave Plus Qubino Luxy Smart Switch

by Qubino
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What can Luxy do?

  • Control it with a hand, through 5 integrated touch-sensitive points on the surface
  • Control it with a smartphone*
  • Turn ON/OFF the device connected to Luxy
  • Turn ON/OFF the Luxy light and run the colour spectrum of 16mio colours
  • Set one of the 4 lighting effects
  • Check the power consumption of the connected device (kWh & W)*
  • Set a time schedule to turn ON/OFF the load connected to Luxy and switch the Color*
  • Get visual LED notifications through Luxy at the moment of different events from other Smart Home devices like motion, doorbell or flood alarm*
  • *only in connection with a Z-Wave Smart Home Gateway

Choosing Z-Wave Wall Switches & Dimmers

Qubino Luxy Smart Switch

Luxy Smart Switch is an innovative light source that gently illuminates in more than 16 million colours and easily fits into places of your light switch or socket. It can be used standalone, as an ambient light or as a smart home device. With an additional output it can simply replace your existing light switch or can be used for powering IR panels, fans, water heaters, etc.

It is designed in a way that it fits in the flush mounting boxes at the height of the light switch or where you usually have electrical sockets. This means, Luxy Smart Switch can be quickly & easily installed anywhere in the house where you already have electricity (neutral wire is mandatory for proper operation) or where you can easily pull additional wires.

You can control Luxy Smart Switch manually, wirelessly or set it to work automatically.

If you use it as a standalone device, you can control it through 5 integrated touch-sensitive points on the surface. With a touch you can turn on/off the Luxy light, turn on/off the additional output, set the colour, dim the brightness, and choose between 4 lighting effects. The lighting scenes are inspired by nature and will help you set the mood, by simulating the ocean, sunrise, rainbow, and nature’s colour scenes.

If you are a more advanced user, you can integrate Luxy Smart Switch into the Z-Wave network and enjoy plenty of other functionalities it offers. When connected to the gateway, Luxy Switch becomes a smart home device, enabling you to control it remotely via smartphone or tablet and creating more complex scenes, e.g. setting the time schedule.

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