Vesternet Z-Wave Dimmer - Technical Support - SmartThings

The VES-ZW-DIM-001 is a Z-Wave 2-Wire Capable Dimmer and offers the following features:

  • 2-Wire (without Neutral) or 3-Wire (with Neutral) wiring and optional Bypass for flexible installation possibilities
  • Configurable for Momentary or Toggle Switches
  • 1.8A Resistive Load (0.8A Capacitive / Inductive Load)
  • Small Installation Size 45.5 x 45 x 20.3 mm
  • Smart Light Source Detection (Trailing / Leading Edge Dimming)
  • Power, Energy, Voltage & Current Metering
  • Soft Start
  • Temperature Emergency Shutoff Protection
  • Power Failure Load State Remembering
  • Z-Wave Plus with S2 Security


A manual for this device can be downloaded here.

Vesternet Edge Channel

In order to make the Device Drivers available for your Vesternet Z-Wave devices, simply subscribe to the Vesternet Edge Channel.

Here you can enrol your SmartThings hub to the Edge Channel and select which of the available Device Drivers to install.

Note that the Device Drivers are first release versions so while they might not be fully functional featuring all features and capabilities, they should be usable for their primary functions.

It should also be remembered that the SmartThings Edge platform itself is still under development and changes there may unintentionally break third-party Device Drivers.

Please report any issues with the Vesternet Edge Device Drivers by submitting a technical request ticket.

This Vesternet Device has the following features when used with our supporting Edge Device Driver in the SmartThings Smart Home Controller (tested with SmartThings firmware version 000.032.00012).

  • Supports On, Off and Dimming Control from the App.
  • Reports On, Off and Dimming Events when operated from the local switch.
  • Reports Power, Energy and Voltage Meters (SmartThings doesn't currently support the Current capability).
  • Allows assigning of "Actions" for On and Off Control from the Device Details section of the App.
  • Allows adding of "Automations" for On, Off, Dimming and Meter Events from the Automations section of the App.
  • Allows adding of "Automations" for On, Off and Dimming Control from the Automations section of the App.
  • Has configuration options for the default load state after power failure and for the local switch type.