Vesternet Zigbee Wall Controller (4 Button) - Technical Support - Hubitat

The VES-ZB-WAL-011 is a Zigbee Wall Controller / Remote Control and offers the following features:

  • Four buttons with simple on / off markings
  • Pushed, held and released events for each button
  • Standard 80mm x 80mm form factor with sticky pad or screw mounting
  • Indicator LED
  • Long life CR2450 Battery
  • Zigbee 3.0 works with ZigbBee ZHA & Zigbee ZLL Hubs & Bridges


A manual for this device can be downloaded here.

Vesternet Zigbee Device Drivers

These can be downloaded from here.

One file is required for this particular Device:

  • Vesternet VES-ZB-WAL-011 2 Zone Wall Controller.groovy


Please report any issues with the Vesternet Zigbee Device Drivers by submitting a technical request ticket.

This Vesternet Device has the following features when used with our supporting Device Driver in the Hubitat Smart Home Controller (tested with Hubitat firmware version

  • Supports Pushed, Held, and Released Events for all buttons.
  • Reports Battery Level Events.
  • Can be used as a "Trigger" for Pushed, Held, and Released Events in built-in Apps such as Basic Rule, Simple Automation Rules and Rule Machine.