Vesternet Z-Wave Motor Controller - Technical Support - Home Assistant - Z-Wave JS

The VES-ZW-MOT-018 is a Z-Wave Motor Controller and offers the following features:

  • 3-Wire (with Neutral) wiring
  • 2 Output Channels
  • 2 Switch Input Channels
  • Supports Momentary Switches
  • 2A Capacitive / Inductive Load per channel
  • Works with positioning to allow Precise Control
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Power, Energy, Voltage & Current Metering
  • Small Installation Size 45.5 x 45 x 20.3 mm
  • Z-Wave Plus  v2 700 Series with S2 Security


A manual for this device can be downloaded here.

Vesternet Z-Wave Device Configuration Files

These are officially available via the are officially available via the Z-Wave JS codebase, meaning that with a recent Z-Wave JS installation Vesternet Z-Wave devices should work out-of-the-box in Home Assistant.

Sometimes changes to the device configuration files can take a while to appear in the official Z-Wave JS codebase, so you can also download them direct from our Github repository

Adding device configuration files manually is possible via Z-Wave JS UI if you have that available, simply navigate to your config location and create a file there, pasting in the code where appropriate.

More information on this is available in the Z-Wave JS UI documentation.

Please report any issues with the Vesternet Z-Wave Device Configuration Files by submitting a technical request ticket.

This Vesternet Device has the following features when used with our supporting Device Configuration File in Z-Wave JS (tested with Z-Wave JS UI / Z-Wave JS version 8.8.6 / 10.10.0).

  • Supports Open, Close and Stop.
  • Reports Open and Closed Events for each channel when operated from the local switch.
  • Reports Power, Energy, Current and Voltage Meters for the whole device.
  • Has configuration options for all available parameters.