APNT-77 - Controlling Sprinklers with the Fibaro Home Center

Home Automation systems are ideal for controlling your home's irrigation and sprinkler system, enabling the sprinklers
to be controlled by time and even by the weather.

This guide shows how to use the Fibaro Home Center's Sprinklers panel to control your irrigation at regular intervals.

Fibaro Home Center's Sprinkler PanelFigure 1: Fibaro Home Center's Sprinklers Panel

Fibaro Sprinklers Panel

The Sprinklers panel is available in the Fibaro Home Center 2 (HC2) and Home Center Lite (HCL) controllers. It enables you to add a number of Z-Wave controlled water valves or sprinkler actuators, each of which can have it's own schedule and control- giving you flexible control and over-ride of the sprinkler's automatic control.

  • Individual Schedules: Each sprinkler has it's own schedule - time, duration and days of week
  • Individual Control: Each sprinkler can be run automatically or can be overridden - OFF or turned ON for up to 15 minutes
  • Adjust Water: Increase or decrease the watering time for all sprinklers in on control (up to +100% or -90%)
  • Rain Delay: Delay the next watering period for all sprinklers by up to 72 hours
  • Cycles: Choose how many times per day the sprinklers are activated (up to 5 cycles)

Sprinklers Panel Setup

The Sprinklers panel is easy to set up and use.

  • Go to the Panels > Sprinklers Panel
  • Click the Choose button
  • Select the sprinkler control devices from the drop down-list and click Close
  • The sprinkler device will be added to the panel - the device icons will also be updated to a sprinkler (with timing over-ride)
  • Select the number of Daily Cycles from the drop-down list
  • Configure each sprinkler to the correct On period, Time (duration) and days of week
  • Note: When entering times, click the sprinkler's time box and type the time in full 24hour format without colons (0800, 1800, 2115 etc)
  • Click the blue SAVE button in the right-hand side-bar

You now have your sprinkler system setup for automatic control. You can also over-ride these times for individual sprinklers or by using the Adjust Water and Rain Delay controls.

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