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Honeywell evohome Multi-Zone Heating

Honeywell evohome multi-zone heating - Vesternet

The Honeywell evohome system allows you to individually control up to 12 heating zones in your home. Installation is very easily, install the boiler relay and then change your existing radiator thermostats for the evohome Radiator controls and within minutes you can have control of each individual radiator in your home. Every room can have it's own schedule and temperature profile, all controllable from the evohome touch screen controller or from your smartphone,, tablet or computer. evohome will also control your hot-water.

Honeywell evohome Multi-Zone Heating Control

The beauty of the evohome system is it's simplicity. If you take a look at other home automation systems to control multi-zone heating you will quickly see how complex things can become. You have to consider boiler interlock, heat demand, and if you can actually create a full multi-zone system where each zone can request heat and control the boiler. With evohome you don't have to worry about any of this, the controller takes care of it all without you even noticing. evohome really is the best single solution for multi-zoned heating that we can recommend.

  • Full Multi-Zone Control
    Each zone has control of the boiler, so they can each request heat whenever they need it. This gives you total flexibility in which rooms and zones are getting heat at any particular time and what temperature they are set to. Each zone can also have their own wall thermostat so you have easy manual control if you wish.
  • No Complex Programming
    The evohome takes care of all the complexity, no complex programming and no concerns about how the system actually controls your heating. The most complex thing you need to do is set the times and temperature for each zone and there's even a wizard to help you. If you can enter things into a calendar then you'll be fine setting the schedules in the evohome system.
  • Easy to Install
    The evohome system is easily installed, all it needs is the Boiler Relay (included) to be wired with your boiler, replace your existing thermostatic radiator controls with the evohome radiator controllers and you're all set. No draining down of the heating system, no messing with pipes and plumbing. Installing the system will only take you a couple of hours from start to finish - and that's no joke as we've tested it!

How it Works

The evohome controller acts as the main brains and scheduler for the whole system, it tells each Radiator Controller (TRV) what temperature to work at. Then each TRV runs it's zone based on the 'setpoint' temperature, they directly tell the boiler when they need heat and close (stopping water going through the radiator) when the zone is up to temperature. Other zones can continue getting heat until everywhere is at the correct temperature. At that point the system turns the boiler off until a zone needs heat again. The system includes optimisation algorithms allowing it to learn how your house heats up, this enables it to progressively supply heat more efficiently, saving you money and making your home more comfortable.

Each TRV also reports the temperature of that zone back to the evohome controller or smartphone/tablet, so you can quickly see the state of all zones. You can run each zone using just the TRV as the temperature sensor, or you can use a Honeywell wireless wall thermostat to give you more accurate control and easy manual over-ride of the scheduled temperature.

Multiple radiator controllers can be combined to form one zone, and even multiple rooms can be included as part of a single zone if you wish.

The Honeywell evohome Products

To make your heating more efficient and simple to control all you need is the evohome Wi-Fi Thermostat Kit and a few evohome Radiator Controllers.

  • evohome Wi-Fi Thermostat Kit (Controller)
    Complete kit for your heating includes the evohome controller with integrated Wi-Fi and the Boiler Relay (BDR91) - it's all you need to bring wireless control to your heating system.
  • evohome Hot Water Kit
    Connects to your hot-water cylinder and boiler, allowing the evohome system to monitor the hot-water temperature and when the boiler needs to heat it - all controlled from the evohome control panel or smartphone/tablet.
  • evohome Radiator Zone Kit
    Replaces your existing radiator thermostat giving you wireless control of the radiator's temperature. This is a single radiator controller.
  • evohome Radiator Multi-Zone Kit
    Replaces your existing radiator thermostat giving you wireless control of the radiator's temperature. This is a kit includes four (4) radiator controllers.
  • Honeywell Connected Single Zone Thermostat
    Stylish Connected Wireless Wall thermostat (Y87RF) allows you to monitor a room's temperature (instead of using the TRV's temperature sensor) and to manually change the setpoint temperature.
  • Honeywell Wireless Thermostat Kit
    Wireless Thermostat (DTS92) reports the temperature to the controller and allows you to manually change the room's temperature. Lower cost version of the Y87RF but with the same functionality.

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