Using Z-Wave and LightwaveRF Together

To a large extent Z-Wave and LightwaveRF are competing technologies, however, they both have their strengths and weaknesses. So an ideal solution would be to have a combined (hybrid) system so that you can select the best products from either technology.

Using VERA and RFX to control a hybrid Z-Wave and LightwaveRF SystemFigure 1: Using Homey, VERA and RFX to control a hybrid Z-Wave and LightwaveRF System.

The All-in-one Solution - Homey

Combining Z-Wave and LightWaveRF is extremely simple through Homey. Homey supports 8 wireless technologies, including Z-Wave and 433Mhz, the band used by LightWaveRF, out-of-the box. After setting up Homey, simply select that you want to pair either a LightWaveRF or Z-Wave device, and add it to Homey. After devices are added, they can all be controlled from a single interface and can be combined, without you even having to know which device uses which technology.

This approach enables you to pick and choose the products from each technology and use the ones you prefer.

The Hybrid System - VERA and RFX

Creating a hybrid system is very easy to do and works incredibly well.

The core of the system is the VERA Edge Z-Wave Controller and the RFXtrx433E transceiver.

The RFXtrx433E (RFX) plugs into the VERA's USB socket and enables it to communicate with 433MHz-based devices, including LightwaveRF (See figure 1). As VERA is a native Z-Wave controller it will also communicate and control all of the Z-Wave devices in the system.

This approach enables you to pick and choose the products from each technology and use the ones you prefer.

Benefits of Homey or the VERA Controller

Fibaro, VERA and Homey AppsFigure 2: Using LightwaveRF with the VERA and Homey Apps.

    Homey and the VERA controller are much more powerful than the LightwaveRF Link Hub. As well as supporting Z-Wave devices they will enable you to easily create more complex automation scenes and schedules that can automate your home.

    • Single User Interface and App to control both technologies - no swapping apps to control each system
    • Powerful control of automation scenes - control lights and appliances based on sensors and timers
    • Advanced Schedules and Timers - control multiple devices anytime of the day or night
    • Wide range of Smartphone apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile

    Benefits of Z-Wave

    Z-Wave has a huge range of devices available from a wide number of manufacturers - you'll always find the right product for your needs.

    • Wide range of sensors - motion, door/window, light, humidity, smoke, flood...
    • Sensors can control and activate LightwaveRF or Z-Wave devices
    • Heating control - take control of your heating even from your phone
    • Mesh technology makes Z-Wave the most reliable wireless system available

    Benefits of LightwaveRF

    LightwaveRF has a great range of retrofit Dimmers and Wall Sockets.

    • Easy to fit - simply replace your existing dimmer or wall sockets
    • Low cost wall plugs

    Benefits of 433MHz Devices

    This approach also allows you to use a huge range of 433MHz devices from vendors such as Owl, Oregon Scientific, Somfy, and the list goes on.

    • Huge range of simple wireless solutions
    • Temp, wind, rain, weather sensors...


    By using the hybrid system you get the best of both technologies - the simplicity of the LightwaveRF dimmers and wall sockets, and the power and huge range of Z-Wave.

    If you have any questions, of just want to check this is the right approach for your system, contact us at


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