Using Z-Wave and Philips Hue Together

To some extent Z-Wave and Philips Hue are competing technologies, they both offer ways to control different types of lighting in your home. However, each technology has its own strengths and weaknesses, so which do you choose?

Well, what if you didn't have to choose between them at all?

An ideal solution would be to have a combined (hybrid) system so that you can select the best products from either technology.

Using Z-Wave and Philips Hue TogetherFigure 1: Using Z-Wave and Philips Hue Together.

The Hybrid System - Fibaro, Homey or VERA & Philips Hue

Creating a hybrid system is very easy to do and works incredibly well.

The core of the system is either Homey, the VERA Plus Z-Wave Controller or the Fibaro Home Center 2 Z-Wave Controller together with the Philips Hue Bridge. These can be seen within the Z-Wave Controller range.

The Philips Hue Bridge communicates with all your Philips Hue devices. The Homey VERA or Fibaro Z-Wave Controller uses a software "Plugin" to communicate with the Philips Hue Bridge over your Ethernet network, allowing them to control the Philips Hue devices. Since Homey, VERA and Fibaro are native Z-Wave controllers they will also communicate with, and control, all of the Z-Wave devices in the system. As well as any other devices they support.

This approach enables you to pick and choose the products from each technology and use the ones that you prefer.

The Homey, Fibaro and VERA controllers are much more powerful than the Philips Hue Bridge. As well as supporting Z-Wave devices they will enable you to easily create more complex automation scenes and schedules that can automate your home.

Benefits of the Homey, Fibaro or VERA Controller

Fibaro, VERA and Homey AppsFigure 2: Fibaro, VERA and Homey Apps.

  • Single User Interface and App to control multiple technologies - no swapping Apps to control each system
  • Powerful control of automation scenes - control lights and appliances based on sensors and timers
  • Advanced Schedules and Timers - control multiple devices any time of the day or night
  • Create moods and scenes to cover all your devices, no matter what technology they use
  • Wide range of Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile
  • Ability to use further Plugins to expand the system - Sonos, Netatmo, Nest, Logitech, LightwaveRF, etc.
  • Native support for geo-fencing and location based logic

Benefits of Z-Wave

Z-Wave has a huge range of devices available from a wide number of manufacturers - you'll always find the right product for your needs.

  • Wide range of sensors - motion, door/window, light, humidity, smoke, flood...
  • Sensors can control and activate Philips Hue or Z-Wave devices
  • Heating control - take control of your heating, even from your phone
  • Huge number of controllable devices available - relays, dimmers, valves, LEDs...
  • Mesh technology makes Z-Wave the most reliable wireless system available

Benefits of Philips Hue

Philips Hue has a great range of LEDs (both white and colour), LED strips, Mood Lamps and more.

  • Easy to fit - after all in most cases it's just changing a light bulb!
  • Cheapest pure white wireless LED on the market
  • Configuration works out of the box
  • Purely lighting oriented so aims at bringing lots of possibilities to this area - colour washing walls, spot lighting, mood lighting, led strips...
  • API allowing 3rd party integration

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