What is Home Automation

Home Automation - Smart Home Automation

What is Home Automation?

The simple answer is - anything you want it to be!

Home automation is anything that enables you to use your home's lighting, heating and appliances more conveniently and efficiently. And, at the same time giving you greater levels of comfort and security.

It can be as simple as remote or automatic control of a few lights, or it can be a complete system that controls all major parts of your home, custom set to your own personal preference. Home automation is anything that gives you automatic control of things around the home.

Other than making things easier to use, Home Automation brings major benefits to your home and life in the form of Comfort, Convenience, Security and Energy Efficiency.

Making your Home Smart


Home Automation enables you to run your home just as you want it. Lighting can change through the day based on what you need, for instance mood lighting in the evening or task lighting for reading or sewing. Your heating will be just the right temperature in each and every room. Your home is secure whether you're there or not.


All your home's systems can be controlled automatically or from a touch of a button. No more hunting around for a remote or heating controller. You have full automated control anytime or anywhere.


Security can be an integrated part of your Smart Home, adding sensors, alarms and cameras is an easy way to extend your system. You then have full coverage of your home whether you are near or far. This gives you the peace of mind that was traditionally only offered by expensive 'monitored' systems.

Energy Efficiency

Adding automation to your home makes it very easy to then save energy and money. Lights and appliances are automatically turned off when not needed. You can even have the house go into a low power mode when you leave and set the alarm - everything that shouldn't be on is automatically turned off.

Find out more...

Where ever you wish to start, and what ever you wish to automate in your home, we have you covered. We have comprehensive guides that help you select the most suitable systems, and products for your needs.


Adding Smart control of your lighting is probably the easiest and quickest way to automate your home. Smart lighting allows you to control lighting just how you want it. It can be controlled automatically with timers or motion sensors and helps you save energy by turning lights off when not needed. More Information...


Smart heating allows you to have separate zones or rooms running at different temperatures or times, and you can control it when you're away. You will always have a warm home, you'll never walk into a cold house when you've been away, and you only heat the rooms you need. Smart heating gives you comfort, convenience and energy savings. More Information...


Home Automation protects your home from fire, smoke and break-in - you'll always know what's happening. If anything does happen, it will alert you, it can then automatically control the other smart systems such as lights, ventilation and raise an alarm if needed. More Information...


Control your blinds, ventilation and air quality with home automation. Automatically ensure that you have the most comfortable environment for you and your family. Climate control can also work with security systems to ensure the right things automatically happen in an emergency such as a fire. More Information...


Choosing the right controller and system is an important step in creating your Smart Home. This guide looks at the various systems available and provides in-depth information on particular controllers.More Information...

Getting Help and Advice

We can advise you on all aspects of home automation, if you have any questions or need some help, just Contact us.


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