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Why Automate your Lighting?

Adding wireless home automation to your lighting brings comfort and convenience to your smart home, and reduces your energy usage and increases your home's security.


Each room has it's own lighting needs, but you also need different levels or types of light depending on what you're doing at the time. Low level lighting in the lounge is great for watching movies, but you'll probably want it more brightly lit if you're reading a book or sewing. Home Automation allows you to change the whole room's lighting from a single button, automatically based on the time of day or if the room is occupied or not. You can even have the slowly lights turn on in the morning to wake you gently.


Your whole house lighting can be controlled from a remote, phone or tablet - putting you in complete control wherever you are. It can also be controlled automatically based on schedules (time of the day) or from sensors that detect the lighting level, motion or other activity. With home automation you can allow your house to control itself and you'll never need to use a light switch again. You'll never forget to turn lights off, and your children will have no excuses!

New Life for old lights

Standard lighting is a little boring. You turn it On, you turn it Off, maybe you've got a dimmer to add a little variation, but that's it. Using home automation adds new life to your lighting and brings your home into the 21st Century. Lighting automation is also the easiest place to start in your smart home project - it's usually straightforward to install and easy to configure.

Saving Energy

Making your lighting work for you intelligently will help you reduce your energy bills. Lights only need to be on when you need them, they can be automatically dimmed to save energy, and there's no chance of having lights left on wasting electricity.


Having lights operate automatically at night or when you're away from home increases your home's security. Light up those dark areas if motion is detected and if you're away on vacation, you can have the lights turn on and off at irregular intervals, making it look like you're still at home.

Making your Lights Intelligent

OK, the reasons for automating your lighting look good, so what can you really do?

Firstly, you can start off as simple as you want - just a single light will set you off on the path of lighting automation. Most things can be automated easily, with the minimum of fuss, giving you quick results within minutes or just a couple hours. It's also fun - I've never seen anyone not impressed when the lights turn on automatically as you enter a room!


The home automation system puts you in control. You decide when lights are on or off, you decide at what level their brightness is set to, and you can make all lights turn off at a particular time of day - closing your house down for the night or when you're away. You'll always know what's happening in every room in the house, take a glance at your phone and you can see if any lights are on that shouldn't be - and you can turn them off if need be.

Scenes and Moods

Scenes are what bring your lighting to life. They control the lighting and can be activated manually, based on times/days or from sensors around your home. The scenes take these inputs and then change the light settings automatically. A quick press of a button can change from bright task lighting to mood lighting suitable for dinner or watching a movie.


Adding a few motion sensors means that you no longer need to reach for the light switch. Walk into the room and the lights turn on automatically, when you leave they turn off. Sounds like Star Trek, but it works nicely and you'll quickly forget you even have light switches. And it's not just motion sensors. You can have lights controlled by light level sensors, automatically activating when it gets dark, or door sensors when you open a door to a room - useful for cupboards and garages.

Emergency Lighting

You can have your lights activated if dangers are detected. Smoke, fire and heat sensors can send an alert to the system which then turns all the lights on allowing you to more easily find your way out of the house. With the latest multi-colour RGBW LEDs, you can have the home automation system change their colour depending on the situation - red light spells danger! You can do the same for security alerts such as a door or window being open when it should be closed.

Remote Access

All our home automation systems give you remote access, so you can see what's going on and turn lights On/Off even if you're sitting on the beach in Tahiti! You have access via the Internet from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Intelligent Lighting - your dream and reality

Adding intelligent wireless control of your lighting has real benefits and it's relatively easy to do using home automation systems from Vesternet.

Our smart lighting solutions from Z-Wave, LightwaveRF and Philips deliver home automation to your home, expanding with you and allowing you to control many parts of your home. Click on the links below to see what each system can do for you.


Z-Wave is a wireless home automation technology supported by many vendors. It enables you to easily build a system that covers your complete home and it will automatically tell you the status of your lighting - you always know what's happening in your home. More Information...


LightwaveRF is a relatively new home automation technology that is mainly aimed at lighting and power control, it has a great range of lighting products designed for entry-level requirements. More Information...

Philips Hue

The Philips Hue system is probably the easiest way to add smart control to your lighting - it doesn't get much simpler than changing a light bulb!.More Information...

Innr Lighting

Innr offer a great range of low cost LED bulbs and some unique smart light fittings. And, Innr is directly Hue compatible and can also be used with other systems such as Z-Wave, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.More Information...

Osram Smart+ Lighting

Osram Smart+ is a wide range of wireless controlled LEDs, light fittings, switches and sensors. Osram Smart+ is compatible with Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.More Information...

Getting Help and Advice

We can advise you on all aspects of home automation, especially lighting control. If you have any questions or need some help, just contact us at

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