Vesternet Zigbee Remote Control (12 Button) - Technical Support - Home Assistant - Zigbee2MQTT

The VES-ZB-REM-013 is a Zigbee Remote Control and offers the following features:

  • Four buttons labelled 1 - 4 with simple on / off markings
  • Two buttons labelled with S1 & S2
  • Two buttons with simple on / off markings
  • Pushed, held and released events for buttons 1 - 4
  • Pushed events for buttons S1 & S2
  • Main On / Off buttons sends pushed event for buttons 1 - 4 simultaneously
  • Candy-bar shape design
  • Indicator LED
  • Long life CR2450 Battery
  • Zigbee 3.0 works with ZigbBee ZHA & Zigbee ZLL Hubs & Bridges


A manual for this device can be downloaded here.

Vesternet Zigbee Herdsman Converters

These are officially available via the Zigbee2MQTT codebase, meaning that with a recent Zigbee2MQTT installation Vesternet Zigbee devices should work out-of-the-box in Home Assistant.

Please report any issues with the Vesternet Zigbee Herdsman Converters by submitting a technical request ticket.

This Vesternet Device has the following features when used with our supporting Herdsman Converter in Zigbee2MQTT (tested with Zigbee2MQTT version 1.30.1).

  • Supports On, Off, Brightness Move Up, Brightness Move Down and Brightness Stop Events for each Group of buttons 1 | 0.
  • Supports Secene Recall 1 and Scene Recall 2 Events for buttons S1 | S2.
  • Top master buttons send On and Off Events for all Groups.
  • Reports Battery Level Events.