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Athom Homey REVIEW - One Home Automation Controller to RULE THEM ALL!

Some time ago now we added the Athom Homey Home Automation Controller to the site and on paper this spherical wonder certainly appeared to tick a lot of boxes!We've had a couple of months now with Homey and been testing it in the background so we thought it was about time to give our thoughts on whether it meets those lofty design goals and ...
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Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock REVIEW

You'll know from our previous post that we're big fans of the Yale connected locks and we're not the only ones.One niggle with the previous multi-point lock was that it was very expensive due to needing to be fitted by a Yale approved locksmith.  When we tested this particular device it was easy to see why - it was incredibly complica...
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Robomow RX20u First Look - The robots are coming!!

Smart Gadget ENVY - you know, when your friends get the latest Tech and you're left feeling that you're missing out ....... I'm usually pretty lucky with this job as I get to play with and review a whole host of different toys, but early last year I was looking slightly green when Dave (Vesternet CEO) grabbed the opportunity to review one of t...
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SOMA Smart Home Smart Shades retro-fit Bluetooth Blind Control REVIEW

NOTE: the manual control touch option was removed by SOMA in a recent update to the device, so it's now only controllable from the APP!Blind control is something that's always been an important area of any Home Automation system - being able to automatically raise and lower blinds in accordance with schedules is a great way of enhancing your h...
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