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Zipato - Available at Vesternet

Zipato, the all in one home automation system, is available at Vesternet.Zipato is the next generation home automation solution, providing complete control of your home's lighting, heating, energy and security systems. You can remotely control ...
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New - Home Automation Glossary

Ever wondered what a ‘Mesh Network’ is, what’s the difference between a ‘Group’ and ‘Scene’ or what a ‘Gateway’ does?You’re probably not alone – home automation has lots of new words and terms that can be confusing, es...
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New camera extends home security

In last week’s blog “Home Automation - Putting parents' minds at rest”, we talked about how parents are using home automation to ensure their children are safely home after school.This was quite timely - on Thursday we introduced a new camera that’s designed for home security and peace of mind.The Micasaverde VistaCam is a compact IP ...
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Putting parents' minds at rest

This week, there've been several reports showing how people not usually associated with technology are using the benefits of home automation for peace of mind when they’re away from home.This isn’t just about security, it’s also about knowing who’s in your home and when.Let’s take an example for parents. We all like to know when the ...
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ZigBee - 10 Years of The Internet of Things

The ZigBee Alliance is celebrating its first decade of success in delivering reliable wireless technology that is now used in millions of homes and businesses worldwide. The ZigBee Alliance is a thriving ecosystem of 400+ companies...
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Combine solar and ZigBee for an ideal solution

A combination of the home automation specialists ZigBee and the largest form of alternative energy seems simple, yet it is not something that has really taken off yet.If you know the home automation market, you will know the name ZigBee. ZigBee offers the latest, advanced wireless technology, which is currently used in millions of products wor...
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Bluetooth and ZigBee set to Collide

With this in mind, it seems like some of these battles turn out to be a stalemate. Leading experts in the industry are predicting that both forms of technology have their benefits even in the very same market, so the likelihood is they wi...
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Home Automation Leads the Way to 2017!

According to ABI Research this week, a whopping 90 million homes worldwide are to employ home automation systems by 2017.No longer is it the case where Jim next door, has his games room, swimming pool and gets all the home auto...
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What’s in a number?

What does a monkey, an American card game, and Zigbee Technology have in common?They are all associated with the number 500.  £500, ‘500’ the card game and Zigbee celebrates this week as it was announced that there are now m...
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