Z-Wave - Sensors - Motion

Adding Z-Wave Motion Sensors to your home automation system really brings the whole system to life. You don't have to manually control lights and you don't have to remember to turn them off! You can use Z-Wave PIR sensors and Z-Wave motion detectors to automatically activate lights when you walk into a room, bringing convenience and security to your smart home. When you leave the room, the lights automatically turn off.

Additionally, Z-Wave movement sensors and Z-Wave security sensors can also work with other home automation systems such as heating and security alarms. Your heating can be controlled based on whether you are at home or in a particular room. Your security system can use the same motion detector that controls your lighting. Most Z-Wave sensors are used internally, but Z-Wave outdoor motion sensors allow you to protect your home from the outside. And, as they are Z-Wave, they are all wireless and therefore easy to install.

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