Z-Wave - Sensors - Multipurpose

Z-Wave Multipurpose Sensors, as the name implies, combine several different sensors in a single device - saving space and cost. These are our most popular Z-Wave Sensors - it makes sense to use them wherever you can as they can be used in all of your home automation areas and keep flexibility of the future.

Multipurpose Sensors often take the form of a Z-Wave Motion Sensors, but also include other functions such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors and light sensors. They can be used for a wide variety of automated control of your Z-Wave system. The same devices can control your lights based on movement and light level, your heating based on temperature and your windows and blinds based on humidity and temperature.

At Vesternet, we have the widest range of Z-Wave devices in Europe. Our range of Z-Wave Plus sensors include Z-Wave Motion Sensors, Z-Wave Door and Window Sensors, Z-Wave Temperature Sensors, Z-Wave Humidity Sensors, and many other types of Z-Wave Sensors.

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