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Zigbee - Smart LED Lighting, Bulbs & Strips

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Zigbee Light Bulbs, Zigbee LED Bulbs and Zigbee LED strips have the Zigbee wireless control built into them. This means that you don’t need to use Zigbee dimmers, switches or Zigbee Smart Plugs to control them. They already have the Zigbee wireless technology so you simply use Zigbee Compatible bulbs and Zigbee Colour Bulbs and as replacements for standard bulbs and strips. It’s as simple as changing a light bulb!

Once installed they can be used as part of your Zigbee home automation system allowing you to wirelessly control the brightness brightness of the bulbs and the colour of the LED strips. Or, you can use other features of the Z-Wave system to control them automatically based on time of day, or from other devices such as Zigbee Sensors. The Zigbee Smart Bulbs also compliment other devices such as Zigbee Modules and Zigbee Remotes.

If you've got questions about Zigbee Light bulbs and Strips, then you've come to the right place. We have hundreds of guides showing exactly how to choose and install Zigbee Products.

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