Vesternet Unveils Exciting New Zigbee Sensors: Enhancing Your Smart Home Experience

David Bell |

Following the success of our initial range of Vesternet-branded smart home devices, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our product line with the launch of three new sensors. These sensors, leveraging Zigbee technology, are set to enhance your home automation experience by bringing in a new level of convenience and control. Launching in Q1 this year, let’s dive into what these new additions offer.

1. Vesternet Zigbee Motion Sensor

Our new Zigbee Motion Sensor is designed for those who value security and energy efficiency. It detects motion within its range, enabling you to automate lighting, trigger alarms, or even notify you of movement in your home when you're away. Compact and easy to install, this sensor is perfect for enhancing your home’s security and convenience.

Key Features:

  • Quick and responsive motion detection.
  • Easy integration with other Zigbee-compatible smart home devices.
  • Battery-operated with a long battery life for hassle-free usage.
  • Sleek design that blends into your home decor.


2. Vesternet Zigbee Door/Window Sensor

The Zigbee Door/Window Sensor is an essential component of any smart home security system. It alerts you whenever a door or window is opened or closed, helping you keep track of the comings and goings in your home. Whether it's for security, child safety, or simply to automate your lights and heating, this sensor provides the peace of mind you need.

Key Features:

  • Real-time open/close alerts.
  • Easy to install on any door or window.
  • Low energy consumption for prolonged battery life.
  • Seamless integration with your Zigbee smart home ecosystem.


3. Vesternet Zigbee Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Our Zigbee Temperature and Humidity Sensor is a game-changer for maintaining the perfect indoor climate. It monitors your home’s temperature and humidity levels, enabling you to automate heating, air conditioning, and humidifiers. This sensor ensures your living environment is always comfortable and healthy.

Key Features:

  • Accurate temperature and humidity readings.
  • Trigger automations for climate control devices.
  • Long battery life and low maintenance.
  • Compact and discreet design.


Why Choose Vesternet Zigbee Sensors?

Our new range of Zigbee sensors embodies the Vesternet commitment to quality, reliability, and user-friendly design. These devices seamlessly integrate into your existing Zigbee network and are fully compatible with Home Assistant, Hubitat & Smartthings, providing enhanced functionality without the need for complex setups. Whether you’re new to smart homes or looking to expand your system, these sensors are an excellent choice.


The launch of our Vesternet Zigbee Motion Sensor, Door/Window Sensor, and Temperature and Humidity Sensor marks a significant expansion of our own branded range. These devices represent our dedication to bringing you the latest in smart home technology. As we continue to grow our product line, stay tuned for more innovative solutions from Vesternet. 

You can pre-order now:

Vesternet Zigbee Motion Sensor

Vesternet Zigbee Door & Window Sensor

Vesternet Zigbee Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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