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Shelly Dimmer 0-10V

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Designed to manage 0-10V dimming drivers, Shelly Plus 0-10V Dimmer offers precise dimming with remote control. It is retrofit and can be used with any regular switch you have at home.

Use it with your existing switches! 

No need to invest in new, specialized dimmer switches that clash with your home's aesthetic. Now, even buttons that weren't originally designed for dimming can work with Shelly Plus 0-10V Dimmer. You can use your favorite style and brands of switches and seamlessly integrate dimming capabilities into your current setup.

Brightness that suits your activities

Depending on your activities and the time of day, different types of light and luminosity are suitable. With Shelly Plus 0-10V Dimmer, you can align the minimum and maximum brightness levels with your driver's range for exact precision when adjusting your lights. Whether you want to set the ambiance for a relaxing evening or ensure the best brightness for focused tasks, it grants you fine-tuned control to match every moment. No need to navigate through the app - just use your voice!


Personalized light schedules

Shelly Plus 0-10V Dimmer can effortlessly blend with your daily routine. Consider bedtime: Many kids prefer to fall asleep with the lights turned on. You can set schedules that, over an hour, gently dim the room before switching the lights off completely. That way, the little one will be comfortably asleep, and no energy will go to waste!


Set the mood instantly

Shelly Plus 0-10V Dimmer doesn't stop at schedules- it embraces moments too. With its pre-set lighting scenes, a simple voice command can transform your room. Feel like watching a movie? Just tell Alexa, "Movie night," and your space instantly adapts, casting the perfect ambiance for your cinematic experience.

Illuminate & fade

Give yourself time to exit a room without bumping into things. Once Shelly BLU Motion doesn't detect movement, Shelly Plus 0-10V Dimmer doesn't turn off the lights abruptly. Instead, it can gently fade them over 20 seconds, ensuring you're never left in the dark. Customize the duration to fit your pace and always ensure a safe exit.


"Night mode" for soft night light

Walking to the bathroom at night could no longer irritate your sleepy eyes. Shelly Plus 0-10V Dimmer has a "Night mode" functionality, setting the lights' brightness at a low level during the night hours. Now when the lights are turned on manually, through voice, or a motion sensor, they will always be dimmed and soft.


Shelly Smart Control

Enjoy enhanced home automation control and precise monitoring of your Shelly devices wherever you are with the Shelly Smart Control app. Now with a new and fresh design, improved and customer-friendly navigation, and better capabilities for monitoring your energy usage, you can enjoy smooth control over your smart home or facility. 

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    Still Have Questions About Shelly Dimmer 0-10V?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if it's incompatible with my existing smart home system?

    We offer a no questions asked express return service. So, if you try Shelly Dimmer 0-10V and find it's not compatible with your system, you can easily return it.

    How can I get technical support for it?

    Our team of experts is available to assist you with any technical questions you may have via email and live chat.

    Do you offer installation services?

    While we don't offer direct installation services, we provide comprehensive online support through guides, videos, and access to our experts via email and chat. If you need an installer, we can often help connect you. With advancements in smart home tech, most of our products can be self-installed with guidance.

    What if I struggle with installing or using after purchase?

    We have experts who frequently use these products in their own homes, and they are well-acquainted with the ins and outs. This means we can provide unparalleled guidance and troubleshooting. You won't find this level of hands-on expertise at any other store.

    How quickly will I receive my order?

    If you place your order before 2:30pm in the UK, you can expect it the next day. For orders outside the UK, we offer express shipping options that will get your products to you within a few days.

    Why should I choose to buy from Vesternet over other online stores?

    When you buy from Vesternet, you're not just purchasing a product. You gain a partner with expertise in smart home technology. Our team is on-hand to assist with setup and provide valuable advice. While there might be cheaper options online, home automation can be complex, and having experts by your side can prevent costly mistakes.

    How to Setup a Smart Home

    In 5 Simple Steps...

    1. Plug in your Hub and setup with wizard
    2. Install Devices around your home
    3. Wirelessly Connect devices to your hub with wizard
    4. Create Rules & Scenes with wizard to automate tasks
    5. Enjoy your automated home with increased Security, Comfort, Energy & Emergency monitoring, automated Heating & Lighting

    Then easily add more devices ongoing as you choose

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