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Zigbee - Sensors

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Adding Zigbee Sensors to your home automation system really brings the whole system to life. You don't have to manually control lights, heating and blinds. You can use wireless Zigbee sensors to automatically activate lights when you walk into a room and they can work as security sensors helping to protect your home. Zigbee home automation sensors will activate lights when a door, window or gate is opened. Smart Sensors Zigbee can be used to turn lights one when the ambient light drops to a set level.

Zigbee Sensors are an essential part of a smart home system, enabling you to create a home automation system that is truly automatic. Helping to make your home, smart, convenient to use and more energy efficient. And, as all Zigbee devices are wireless, all Zigbee sensors are easy to install as there is no wiring.

At Vesternet, we have the widest range of Zigbee devices in Europe. Our range of Zigbee products includes Zigbee smart sensors, Zigbee Light Bulbs and ZigBee Smart Sockets.

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