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Z-Wave - Thermostats, TRVs & Heating Controls - TRVs

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Z-Wave radiator thermostats allow you to wirelessly control individual radiators. Each radiator can have it's temperature set and changed throughout the day - manually via a smartphone or based on timed schedules. The Z-Wave radiator valves allow you to have different parts of the house at different temperatures through the day, as you need it. You no longer need to heat empty rooms.

The Z-Wave radiator thermostats are fitted within minutes, they simply replace the existing TRV, no need to drain the system. Once installed they operate just like other Z-Wave devices, such as Z-Wave thermostats, as part of your Z-Wave smart home automation system allowing you to control them wirelessly from wherever you are. Or, you can use other features of the Z-Wave system to control them automatically based on time of day, or from other devices such as Z-Wave Sensors. This enables you bring smart central heating control to your home using your Z-Wave system.

If you've got questions about Z-Wave heating, then you've come to the right place. We have hundreds of guides showing exactly how to choose and install Z-Wave devices and we offer the largest selection of Z-Wave Plus Products in Europe.

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