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Vesternet Zigbee 2 Channel Switch

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  • FREE UK Delivery
  • 1 Hour Response Technical Support
  • Compatibility Guaranteed with Hubitat, Homey & SmartThings
  • 3-Wire (with Neutral)
  • Supports 2 Output Channels
  • Supports 2 Switch Inputs
  • Power, Energy, Voltage & Current Metering
  • Works with hub or directly to Zigbee remote / wall controller
  • Zigbee 3.0

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Here’s What’s Included With Every Vesternet Device

FREE UK Delivery

Any quantity of any model, ships Free from our UK warehouse stock.

3 Year Extended Warranty

If a fault occurs, we’ve got you covered - we’ll swap it for a new one without question.

Lifetime Controller Compatibility

With self published drivers and native support for the main hubs (updated regularly), the smart home compatibility worry is gone forever with Vesternet devices.

Dedicated User Guides

For the main controllers we publish our own dedicated manuals including step-by-step instructions for setup and usage.

Always Z-Wave and Zigbee Options

Every Vesternet product has both versions available, so you get the same consistent aesthetics in each model if you're running a multi-protocol system. You’re then free to decide which wireless technology is right for you in any scenario.

VIP Technical Support

You’ll receive a dedicated tech support email address with priority response times - any problems or questions about Vesternet devices are answered within the hour.

30 Day Seamless Returns

100% satisfaction guarantee - take it home, try it out and if you’re not happy we’ll take it back and refund, no questions asked.

2 Inputs For Connecting Switches

2 Independently Controlled Output Channels

2 Inputs For Connecting Switches

2 Independently Controlled Output Channels

Power, Energy, Voltage & Current Metering

Keep track of how much power your appliances are using, allowing you to fine tune their control in order to reduce your monthly energy costs

No Hub Required

Can operate standalone if needed, for example being directly paired to a remote control or wall controller. This means for simple installations you don't even need a hub, but can optionally add a hub at a later date to expand the functionality available.

Zigbee 3.0

Supports the latest Zigbee 3.0 standard which builds on the previous ZHA and ZLL offerings, making it backwards compatible with any hub that supports those.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the module only works with 3-Wire (with Neutral) wiring.
There are 2 output channels allowing control of 2 circuits.
Yes, the module works with Momentary switches.
No, the module only works with Momentary switches.
The module has 2 switch inputs.
Yes, since the module is a simple relay it can be used without any load attached.
No, since the module is a 3-Wire (with Neutral) device the Bypass accessory is not required.
Yes, the module reports power, energy, voltage and current readings for the device as a whole. It doesn't report these readings per channel.
5.1A for Resistive loads per channel and 1.7A for Capacitive / Inductive loads per channel.
We provide dedicated support for the SmartThings, Hubitat and Athom Zigbee Hub. For other Zigbee Hubs, this device uses Zigbee 3.0 so you should check with the Zigbee Hub manufacturer to be sure.
No, the module can operate without a Zigbee Hub, for example by being paired directly to a remote control or wall controller.
Visit the “Specifications” tab above.
Visit for our quick-start-guide, which also has links to product manuals.
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Technical details:

  • 3-Wire (with Neutral)
  • Momentary Switches
  • 5.1A Resistive Load
  • 1.7A Capacitive / Inductive Load
  • 45.5 x 45 x 20.3 mm
  • Power, Energy, Voltage & Current Metering
  • Supports ZigBee Groups & Scenes
  • Can operate standalone e.g. direct paired to a remote control or wall controller
Included in this product:
  • ZigBee
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