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APNT-128 - Using Fibaro Swipe with VERA UI7

This comprehensive, step-by-step guide shows how to configure a VERA Home Automation Controller running the latest UI7 firmware to make full use of the latest Z-Wave Plus device from Fibaro - the Fibaro Swipe.

We recently wrote a detailed review on our blog for the Fibaro Swipe - check it out here for full details of what the device can do - you can see that we really like this device and that it’s become an integral part of our Smart Home systems at Vesternet!

In short, the Fibaro Swipe can recognise various single hand gestures or sequences of hand gestures and can be configured to react to those gestures in certain ways.

This guide will cover using the Fibaro Swipe in several different ways within VERA:

  • Controlling other Z-Wave devices directly using Association
  • Triggering Scenes

To get this guide please contact us at Get Vesternet Guide, please include your order number.

IMPORTANT - Only available to Vesternet Customers

This guide is only available to Vesternet customers who have purchased a Fibaro Swipe and a VERA Controller from Vesternet.

We work very hard to test products and create these guides. We are perfectly happy to provide them free of charge to our customers, but cannot afford to have them freely available on the website for just anyone to use. Hope this makes sense.

Using Fibaro Swipe With VERA UI7

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