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APNT-130 - Using Philips Hue with Fibaro V4

This comprehensive, step-by-step guide shows how to configure a Fibaro Home Center Home Automation Controller running the latest V4 firmware to control Philips Hue devices such as White and Colour Ambiance LEDs, LightStrip Plus and Bloom, Go or Iris Lamps.

This allows using Fibaro advanced features such as Scenes and scripting capabilities to control Philips Hue devices with one central App or web UI used to control multiple home automation technologies.

For example, a Philips Hue Iris Lamp can be synchronised with an existing Fibaro RGBW controller so that when the Fibaro RGBW is set to a certain colour scheme the Iris Lamp mirrors the colours.

Or perhaps use a Fibaro Door & Window Sensor to turn on Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance LEDs to a low shade of orange after the alarm is disarmed and the front door is opened at night.

All this and more is possible with minimal effort!

To get this guide please contact us at Get Vesternet Guide, please include your order number.

IMPORTANT - Only available to Vesternet Customers

This guide is only available to Vesternet customers who have purchased the Philips Hue system and a Fibaro Controller from Vesternet.

We work very hard to test products and create these guides. We are perfectly happy to provide them free of charge to our customers, but cannot afford to have them freely available on the website for just anyone to use. Hope this makes sense.

Using Philips Hue With Fibaro V4

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