APNT-133 - Hue TAP Switch Extended Control

This guide shows how to extend the capabilities of the Philips Hue TAP switch so that it can do far more than the basic scene control allowed in the Philips Hue App. Using this guide, together with the Philips Hue API, you will be able to make the TAP switch behave like a ‘Toggle’ switch - one button turning Hue lights On and Off. We also show how to extend this even further.

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IMPORTANT - Only available to Vesternet Customers

This guide is only available to Vesternet customers who have purchased the Philips Hue products from Vesternet.

We work very hard to test products and create these guides. We are perfectly happy to provide them free of charge to our customers, but cannot afford to have them freely available on the website for just anyone to use. Hope this makes sense

Philips Hue TAP Switch - Extending Control and Toggle Switch

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