APNT-14 - Setting the Time in VERA

This application note shows how to set your VERA to the correct time and location.

Setting the VERA Z-Wave Controller to the correct time is not as obvious as it could be, we often get questions from users asking just how to do it.

It's actually quite easy, it's set in the Location tab.

This does make sense as VERA gets it's time and date information from the MicasaVerde server, so to set this correctly VERA needs to know where in the world you are.


In this page you can set a number of parameters which are important to ensure that your 'Scenes' and 'Schedules' work correctly.

  • Date Format - choose the format you prefer
  • Timezone - ensure the time is correct by choosing from the list of capital cities
  • Temperature - choose Metric or Imperial (°C or °F)
  • Current City - this is important as it sets the Longitude and Latitude coordinates that VERA uses to calculate the daily Sunrise and Sunset times
  • Cost of KWH - used by VERA to calculate the cost of energy being consumed by appliances

Setting VERA timeSetting VERA Time and Date based parameters in the Location Tab

Sunrise and Sunset

The VERA includes two variables that can be used to control scenes and other events, Sunrise and Sunset.

As the names suggest VERA automatically calculates these times each day so there's no need for you to change any schedules in VERA as the sunrise and sunset times change through the year.

This is a great way to automatically control events such as lights that are only active while it is dark.

You can also configure these events to trigger a set time before or after sunrise or sunset. For example switch lights off 20 minutes before sunrise. These are all configured in VERA's Automation > Scenes > Schedules tab.

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