APNT-25 - Momentary Switches

The Fibaro dimmers are often used with Momentary (retractive) light switches.

This application note shows the momentary (retractive) light switches that we have used with the Fibaro Dimmer modules. More information about the different switch types that can be used with Fibaro dimmers can be found in Application Note - APNT-11: Using Different Switch Types with Fibaro Dimmer Modules.

Minigrid Light Switches

There are a variety of vendors offering momentary switches, these include Scolmore, MK Electric, Clipsal and British General (see).

For Vesternet's videos and testing we've used the Scolmore Click Minigrid range. They are available in different finishes and look good.

As they are a 'minigrid' range you select the components and then assemble them yourself - this enables you to select just the configuration you want:

  • Choose the faceplate - finish and number of gangs (switches)
  • Select the switch ingots (switch inserts)
  • Build the switch by adding the switch ingots to the faceplate


Minigrid Faceplate and Switch IngotFigure 1: Minigrid Faceplate and Switch Ingot - unassembled

Minigrid Faceplate and Switch IngotFigure 2: Minigrid 3-gang switch - assembled

Minigrid Faceplate and Switch IngotFigure 3: Minigrid 3-gang switch - rear view


For this example we used Scolmore Click Define components:

  • 3-gang faceplate (brushed steel) - FPBS401BK
  • 10AX 2-way Retractive (Momentary) Switch Ingots - MD004BS

Switch Manufacturer Information

Further information on the manufacturer's switch ranges is available at:


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