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APNT-3 - Configuring Fibaro Modules in VERA

This application note shows how to set a Fibaro Z-Wave module's configuration parameters in the VERA central controller.

The Fibaro modules have a number of configuration parameters that control various functions of the device, including switch type (momentary/toggle), dim rate, device associations, auto off timer and the list goes on…

Full information about these parameters are in each module's User Manual.

By default, these parameters aren’t displayed in the VERA device settings, however, they are very easy to add and configure.

  • Log into your VERA by typing its IP address directly into your browser, for example
  • In the DEVICES tab select the Fibaro module you’d like to configure
  • Click the wrench icon to display the device information

VERA Device Settings Icon


  • Click the DEVICE OPTIONS tab and then click the ‘Add configuration settings’ button
  • Enter the parameter and values you would like to set:
    • Variable: enter the Parameter Number
    • Data Size: for parameters with a range of <255 select ‘1 byte dec
    • Desired Value: enter the value you would like this parameter set to

Fibaro Parameters in VERA

Fibaro Dimmer with configuration parameters 14 and 17 set to 1.

  • When you have added all the parameters you wish to configure close the Device options box by clicking ‘X’
  • Remember to save these settings by clicking the large red ‘SAVE’ button (top-right)


VERA Save Settings


    That's all there is to setting the Fibaro configuration parameters in VERA. Take a look at the video to see how this works in practice.


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