APNT-35 - Triggering VERA Scenes

This guide shows how to create Triggers that can be used to run VERA scenes.

A scene Trigger is used to automatically run a VERA scene, it can come from any device in your Z-Wave home automation.

For instance a motion detector can be used to run (trigger) a scene when it is tripped, This scene could then turn lights on, send you an email notification or raise an alarm - all these actions are controlled within the scene and activated by just one trigger from the motion sensor.

Creating the Trigger

For this example we will use the scene created in Application Note 34 - Creating a VERA Scene, to turn lights on when an Aeon MultiSensor motion sensor is tripped.

Scene triggers are created and edited within the VERA scene.

  • Go to the Automation tab and click the scene's 'Wrench' icon to allow you to edit it


Creating a VERA Schedule


  • Go to the 'Triggers' tab and click the blue 'Add Trigger' button


Creating a VERA Schedule


  • Select the device you wish to use as a trigger from the drop-down list - this example used 'Aeon MultiSensor'
  • Select the type of trigger from the 'What type of event is the trigger?' drop-down list - this example used 'An armed sensor is tripped'
  • Give the trigger a name - this makes it easy to keep track of triggers
  • Select the trigger condition from the drop-down list - this example used 'Device armed is tripped'
  • Click the blue 'Back to triggers' button


Creating a VERA Schedule


  • Click the green 'Confirm Changes' button to save the Scene
  • Click the red 'Save' button to save changes to VERA

Saving the Scene in VERA

  • When VERA has saved the scene, click the blue 'Continue' button on the 'Save Data' screen.

VERA Save Data Screen

The scene will now be automatically run whenever the motion sensor detects motion.

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