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APNT-7 - Adding Devices to the Zipato Controller

This application note shows how to add new devices to your home automation network using the Zipato central controller.

Adding Devices

Z-Wave devices need to be 'Included' into the Z-Wave network, the Zipapto ZipaBox controller enables you to do this easily using the Zipato Control Center that runs in an Internet browser on a PC or Mac.

  • Log in to the Zipato Control Center at -
    • Note - you need Internet access to log in to the Zipato Control Center
    • If this is your first time logging in then you will need to create an account and register your ZipaBox - this is all free.

Zipato Control CenterZipato Control Center Dashboard (first-time login)

  • Click 'Add device' button on left-hand-side
  • In the 'Add new device Wizard' select the device you wish to add from the drop-down list. If your device is not listed select 'Generic Z-Wave Device'
  • When adding a new device it is recommended to 'Reset' the device first. To do this:
    • Click 'Reset' button in the 'Add new device Wizard'
    • This will start the reset process, the dialog will ask you to press the device's 'Include/Exclude' button/li>
    • On your device press the 'Inclusion/Exclusion' button so that the Zipato controller can find it
    • When successfully reset continue adding the device
  • Click 'Join' button

Zipato Add new device wizard dialog


  • The Zipato controller now starts the 'Discovery' process to find the device you wish to add to the network
  • On your device press the 'Inclusion' button so that the Zipato controller can find it
  • When the new device has been found, Zipato will add it to the network and save its configuration details to the Zipato control center dashboard
  • If you receive a message - 'Join not successful' the best approach is to 'Remove' the device from the controller.
    • Close the dialog window
    • Remove device - click 'Remove Device' button on the left-hand-side
    • In the 'Remove device Wizard' select click 'Start'
    • On your device press the 'Inclusion/Exclusion' button so that the Zipato controller can find it
    • When successfully removed, add the device again using the 'Add device' button
  • When the device is successfully added, you can change the new device's setting by clicking it's setting icon (top-right of device box)

Zipato Device Settings


  • In the settings dialog you can:
    • Room Name - select from drop-down menu or create your own room name
    • Type - choose what the new device is - light, socket, sensor...
    • Suffix - add a suffix (1, 2, a, b...) to distinguish devices that have similar names or functions
    • Description - give the device a text description
    • Click 'Save'


Zipato changing device settings


  • When you have made all of your changes click 'Synchronise' on the left-hand-side. This transfers all of your changes to the ZipaBox and devices.


Take a look at the video to see just how quick and easy adding new devices to Zipato is.

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