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A Smart Home security or Home Automation system can be extended to also protect your home and family from dangers other than break-in or burglary.

Fire, smoke, freezing pipes and leaks are real dangers that can threaten your home or put your family in danger. A smart home security system will give you early warning of any issues, it will immediately alert you and raise the alarm. It's well worth adding these extra parts to your home automation or security system to completely protect your home.

Hidden Dangers

Smoke and CO

This may seem an obvious statement and not many people will argue about having early warning about smoke. One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your home and family is to install a smoke alarm and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm.

The basic fact is, that in the case of a fire, more people die due to smoke than the actual fire. Fires kill, but smoke kills faster. A simple smoke alarm will give you a fighting chance. The other killer that can come into our homes is Carbon Monoxide - this invisible gas is probably more dangerous than smoke as you won't notice it's there until it's too late. Unless you have a Carbon Monoxide Sensor.

For more information about smoke and CO alarms, we have a complete guide explaining how to choose the most suitable for your need. Take a look at our Smart Home Emergency Guide.

Freezing and Floods

Freezing pipes, leaks and floods aren't as dangerous as fire or smoke, but they can cause a huge amount of damage to your home. This damage can cause large repair bills, increasing your insurance bills and major disruption to your and your family. So any early warning that you can get will help reduce damage or even stop it happening in the first place.

  • Freezing - detecting when the temperature in particular rooms or out-buildings drop below a particular level can give you an early warning of possible issues. Using smart home automation it can send alerts if it detects very low temperatures, so that you can take action. The system can also automatically turn on your Smart Home Heating System, just to keep the area from dropping below zero. This will prevent pipes freezing and protect any other sensitive equipment in the building.
  • Leaks and Floods - detecting leaks or floods early helps reduce the subsequent damage. It's not just the sudden flooding caused by a broken pipe - a hidden leak from a washing machine or toilet, that is unchecked for years, can cause huge amounts of damage to the building, floorboards and joists. Installing leak detection devices gives you warning so that you can find the issue and deal with it before it becomes a major issue.

Vesternet Recommended Smart Home Protection Devices

We have a large range of devices to protect your home suitable for standalone use or integrating into a Smart Home system using Z-Wave, Zigbee or WiFi technologies.


If your Smart Home Controller supports Z-Wave technology, check our our range of Z-Wave Flood / Water Sensors.


If your Smart Home Controller supports Zigbee technology, check our our range of Zigbee Flood / Water Sensors.


If your Smart Home Controller supports devices that use WiFi technology, check our our range of WiFi Flood / Water Sensors.

Confused as to which device to choose?

Check out our Choosing Smart Home Sensors guide!

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