KB-23 - Can a Fibaro Dimmer control two circuits?

IMPORTANT - Read this first!

This guide relates to the ORIGINAL Fibaro Universal Dimmer.

Do NOT follow this guide if you are installing the Fibaro Universal Dimmer 2.

You can cause damage to the device, your lighting circuit and your lights if you ignore this warning!


Can a Fibaro Universal Dimmer module control two separate light circuits?


The Fibaro dimmer module can only be wired to one lighting circuit - this is also know as the 'local' load. This is controlled by the dimmer's S1 switch input as shown in this guide - Installing a Fibaro Dimmer

So if you have a 2-gang switch controlling two separate light circuits, you will need two dimmers.

You may not be able to install two dimmers in a single switch back box, but there are a few options:

Note: The dimmer also has a S2 switch input, this can be used to control another Z-Wave device that the dimmer is associated with, but this is not the same as directly controlling two wired 'local' loads.

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