Introduction to PLEG - VERA Plugin

PLEG (Program Logic Event Generator) is a VERA plugin that enables you to create more complex scenes without having to use LUA code.

The basic scene control in VERA can be a little restrictive and does not allow you to have conditional statements that need 'AND'. Previously the solution was to use LUA code for these types of scenes.

PLEG enables you to create scenes that will be able to control any aspect of your system without the need to resort to LUA coding.

PLEG Basics Guide

This guide introduces PLEG and shows examples of common simple and complex scenarios.

It is written be Rex Becket - a long-time user of VERA, PLEG and contributor to the VERA forum.

PLEG Basics and Introduction

More Information

PLEG is supported as a plugin on the VERA forum and the creator (Richard) is often on the forum to answer questions.

There are always lots of examples on the forum of people using PLEG.

More information is available at:


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