KB-30 - Is there an easier way to include Fibaro modules / devices?


Is there an easier way to include Fibaro modules / devices in my Z-Wave network? It's triple-click madness!


Unfortunately the triple-click required to put a Fibaro module / device into "inclusion" mode can be quite tricky to get right timing wise. The problem is compounded as clicking more than three times can actually cancel the inclusion mode in some cases!


Fibaro modules / devices actually have a neat feature built in that can help with this problem.

When they are first powered on, if they haven't already been added to a Z-Wave network, they will automatically enter into inclusion mode.


This feature can be used to simplify the inclusion process as follows:

  • Turn the power off to the module / device (at the Consumer Unit for example)
  • Place your Z-Wave controller into inclusion mode
  • Turn on the power to the module / device
  • The module / device will automatically go into inclusion mode
  • Your Z-Wave controller should automatically add the module / device


Armed with the above information, you should no longer have any problems including Fibaro modules / devices into your Z-Wave network :-)

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Updated: 19/03/2014