How do I avoid the new VERA UI6 firmware?


How do I avoid the new UI6 firmware on the VERA Lite or VERA 3 Z-Wave Controller?


Recent VERA Z-Wave Controllers are shipping with a leaflet advising Customers to register on the new "GetVERA" web site.

Registering on the new GetVERA web site will then present a new version of VERA firmware that is known as UI6.


To avoid UI6 and instead use the latest UI5 version of firmware (1.5.622) you can register on the older "MiOS" web site instead.

Note: MiCasaVerde have recently been automatically upgrading NEW VERA units to firmware version UI6. To downgrade to an older version of firmware you must contact MiCasaVerde support at and request that the "forced upgrade" is removed from your VERA, otherwise it will automatically upgrade again!

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Updated: 14/08/2014

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