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KB-55 - LightwaveRF Devices do not turn off with VERA and RFX


I'm using VERA + RFXtrx433E to control LightwaveRF devices, but the dimmers will not turn off.


This has been identified as a minor bug in the RFX firmware (v225), it is corrected in the later v.227 (or later) firmware. Some units that we've shipped through summer 2014 had this firmware version.

You can check your firmware version in the RFXmgr software from the RFXcom website (see below).

RFXtrx433E versionRFXtrx433E version


You can easily update the RFXtrx433E's firmware to the latest version.

Note: You will need a Windows PC to update the firmware

  • Go to the RFXcom website -
  • Download and install the FTDI USB Driver
  • Download and unzip the RFXFlash Programmer, RFXmgr, and RFXtrx433E Firmware (229 currently)
  • Download the RFXtrx433 User Guide
  • Run the RFXFlash Programmer
  • Follow the instructions on page 16 of the User Guide
  • Run the RFXmgr to confirm that the firmware has correctly upgraded (just for peace of mind)


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