VERA Edge USB Issue and Firmware


The VERA Edge USB port does not work correctly, is there a fix for this?



VERA has now fixed this issue and new units being shipped shouldn’t need to be updated.

If you recently bought a new Vera Edge unit and the USB ports doesn’t seem to be working you should contact Vera Customer Care at

There is currently an issue with the USB firmware support in VERA Edge. This is separate to the standard UI7 firmware installed on VERA Edge.

VERA have identified the issue and can remotely log into your VERA to update the USB firmware. Once this is done the USB works correctly and you can use it with USB memory sticks or the RFXtrx433E transceiver.


  • Make sure you back up your system BEFORE you do anything
  • Contact VERA Customer Service
  • Ask them to update the VERA Edge firmware so that the USB port functions correctly
  • They will then log into your VERA and perform the update
  • Make sure that you are running UI7 1.7.961 or higher

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Updated: 15/10/2015

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