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Nest have some of the most beautiful, nicely featured home automation products available - redefining common control or security devices we all have in our homes.

These guides and tutorials provide detailed instructions on how to connect your Nest devices with other home automation systems from other companies. They can also give you some ideas of how to use your Nest devices in common applications and scenarios to make the best use of them.

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Application Notes

Using Vera with Nest

Use your Vera advanced features such as Scenes and scripting capabilities to control Nest devices with one central App or web UI.

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Official Nest Recipes

Using LightwaveRF with Nest

Conveniently control Nest from the same app that you use to control your LightwaveRF devices

Using Philips Hue with Nest

Nest and Philips hue have teamed up to get the most out of both products.

Using Wemo with Nest

Your Wemo-controlled lights can turn off and on when Nest knows you’ve left the house and returned

Using Lifx with Nest

LIFX works with the Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Cam and Nest Protect to help you work towards making your home a more secure and efficient place.

Using GreenIQ with Nest

The Smart Garden Hub works with the Nest Protect by turning on your outdoor sprinklers if your Nest Protect senses a smoke event.

Using with Nest

The sensors works with the Nest Thermostat by adjusting the setpoint as needed.

Using Energenie with Nest

Take control of each radiator in your home independently and connect to the Nest Learning Thermostat for an integrated heating control solution.

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