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Z-Wave - Sensors - Temperature, Humidity & Pressure

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Z-Wave temperature sensors can be used in your home automation system to manage the temperature of rooms and areas. this information can then be used automatically by the Z-Wave home automation system to control the heating or ventilation to keep the room's temperature at the level you would prefer. A Z-Wave sensor temperature can also be used to detect very low cold snaps, alerting you to help prevent frozen pipes that could lead to leaks and floods.

Like all Z-Wave sensors, the temperature sensors are completely wireless, enabling them to be installed anywhere they are needed. Many temperature sensors also include an integrated Humidity sensor so that it can monitor air quality as well - this enables them to also control your air conditioning system.

If you’ve got questions about home automation, then you’ve come to the right place. We have hundreds of guides showing how to choose and install Z-Wave devices. We offer a range of the best Z-Wave Sensors include Z-Wave Multipurpose SensorsZ-Wave Motion SensorsZ-Wave Door and Window SensorsZ-Wave Smoke Sensors, Z-Wave Humidity Sensors and many other types of Z-Wave Sensors.

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