Setting Time and Date in VERA

David Bell |

During the last week I've been asked twice how to set the time in the VERA Z-Wave Controller.

I can understand the question as it's not obvious... until you understand that VERA gets it's time and date information from the MicasaVerde server.

So all it really needs is to know is where in the world you are.

As soon as you understand this, looking in the Location tab (in Setup) seems a logical place to start.

The Location tab allows you to set a variety of parameters including your country and city.

Setting your city is useful as this will allow VERA to automatically calculate the Sunrise and Sunset variables that can be used to control your scenes and events. These are great to automatically turn on lights as it gets dark and you don't have to change them as the sunset times change throughout the year!

I thought this was a good question, so we've just added a new application note explaining this.

We'll also have another application note and video showing how to use the Sunset and Sunrise times - probably early next week.

See you soon.


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