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Z-Wave - Sensors - Energy & Utility

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Z-Wave power meters and utility sensors are used to log data from your electrical, gas or water supply. This enables you to easily monitor your usage and figure out how best to reduce your energy bills. There are a number of Z-Wave meter/sensors available, but all generally do the same thing.

Once added to your Z-Wave home automation system you can wirelessly monitor your power consumption, enabling you to control your usage and reduce your energy bills.

If you’ve got questions about home automation then you’ve come to the right place. We have hundreds of guides showing how to choose and install Z-Wave devices. Our range of Z-Wave Plus Sensors include Z-Wave Multipurpose SensorsZ-Wave Motion SensorsZ-Wave Door and Window SensorsZ-Wave Smoke Sensors, Z-Wave Humidity Sensors and many other types of Z-Wave Sensors.

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