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APNT-33 - Installing iTemp with VERA

The Temperature and Dry Input Sensor (iTemp) is a complex device and requires configuration before it will work to correctly when used in VERA.

This guide shows how to install and configure the Temperature and Dry Input Sensor (iTemp) using the VERA Z-Wave Controller.

Adding the iTemp to the Z-Wave Network

Before adding (including) the iTemp to the Z-Wave network, you need to ensure you have the latest VERA firmware installed.

  • VERA Firmware - v1.5.622 or later
  • Install - the MultiSensor in the location you intend to use it, this ensures that the Z-Wave routing is correct
  • Include:
    • Move VERA to within 1m of the iTemp and put VERA into Inclusion mode
    • Inside the iTemp press the 'tamper' button - iTemp's red LED will flash
    • VERA's Orange LED will flash rapidly while including the MultiSensor

iTemp 'Included' into the Z-Wave network and VERA UI5Figure 1: iTemp 'Included' into the Z-Wave network and VERA UI5.

Install and Configure iTemp Plugin

After the iTemp is included, you will have a iTemp icon in the VERA user interface (UI5), iTemp can now report temperature measurements but will not be able to report changes to its binary switch input. For the binary switch input to wok you need to install a VERA plugin.

  • Go to Apps > Install Apps
  • You may need to login
  • Search for "iTemp" and install the plugin
  • You will now have a new device, it makes sense to rename this 'iTemp Plugin' so that you know what it is in the future.

iTemp PluginFigure 2: iTemp Plugin.

  • You now need to create a binary sensor child device
  • On the iTemp device icon, click the 'Wrench' and go to the Advanced tab
  • Make a note of the device's physical ID number - this is the ID number not altid (this example has ID 85)

iTemp physical device IDFigure 3: iTemps Physical ID NUmber.


  • Click the iTemp Plugin's Wrench and enter the iTemp's physical ID into the iTemp Devices variable

iTemp Plugin ID NumberFigure 4: iTemp Plugin Devices variable.

  • Close the device box and click the red 'SAVE' button (top right)
  • This will create a new child device which can be used to sense the state of the connect binary switch
  • You will have three icons for the iTemp device

iTemp icons in VERAFigure 5: iTemp icons in VERA.


When configuring the iTemp, remember that it is a battery operated device and therefore needs to be awake to accept configuration changes.

Note - Only make configuration changes in the iTemp device (not in the iTemp Plugin or binary sensor child device)

  • Click the iTemp's 'Wrench' icon
  • Configure the parameters in the 'Device Options' or 'Settings' tabs
  • Click 'SAVE' in VERA
  • In the 'Settings' tab click 'Configure node right now'
  • Press the iTemp's 'tamper' switch to make it wakeup
  • Wait for VERA to finish setting the iTemp's configurations
  • If the device icon displays a red error message such as 'Unable to configure node' the device was probably not awake when VERA tried to update the iTemp parameters

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