APNT-22 - Using the Aeon Labs Key Fob with VERA

This application note shows how to include the Aeon Labs Key Fob into a Z-Wave home automation network using a VERA central controller and how it can be used to control various scenes.

The Aeon Labs Key Fob is a great handheld remote control, it can be used as a standalone Z-Wave controller or most often it is added to an existing Z-Wave network as a second controller. The process to include the device and create control scenes is relatively straightforward, however, there are a few things you need to do carefully to ensure it all goes smoothly.

Add the Key Fob to your Z-Wave Network

  • In the VERA UI go to the DEVICES tab
  • Click the Add Devices tab
  • Choose Advanced Z-Wave Devices, click the 'Add' button
  • Click the blue 'Add one' button (in the 'battery operated handheld remotes section)
  • Press the Key Fob's 'Learn' button once for 1.5 seconds - if the fob is in the 'SETUP' mode the green LED will light up
  • Once the Key Fob is included in the network the green LED will flash

Create a Scene for each button

  • Got to the Automation tab and click New Scene
  • Give the new scene a name and room
  • Select the actions that you wish the scene to activate (lights on, devices off etc)
  • Go to the Triggers tab and click the blue 'Add trigger' button
  • Select the Key Fob in the drop-down list
  • Select 'A scene is activated' in the 'What type of event is the trigger'
  • Give the trigger a name
  • Set the scene number to the same as the number of the Key Fob's button (1, 2, 3...)
  • Click 'Back'
  • Confirm changes by clicking the green 'Confirm changes' button
  • Click 'Save' to save the changes to VERA
  • When all changes have been saved, create the scenes for the other Key Fob buttons.

Changing the Key Fob's mode

The Key Fob has two modes - 'SETUP' and 'USE' mode. The Key Fob will normally remain in 'USE' mode, 'SETUP' mode is used for adding the key fob to the network and changing its configuration.

To change the mode

  • Slide open the main panel so you can see the LED
  • Using a pin, press the 'Mode' button on the back of the device
  • The green LED will illuminate for 2 seconds confirming that the mode has successfully changed
  • DO NOT press the mode button for more than 1 second - the KEY Fob will be reset to factory defaults (LED flashes red/green)
  • To check which mode the Key Fob is in:
    • USE - green LED illuminates for 1 second when buttons 1-4 are pressed
    • SETUP - only buttons 1-3 illuminate LED

Mode and Learn Buttons


When configuring the Key Fob, remember that it is a battery-powered device - it will spend most of its time asleep. Like all battery-powered devices it must be awake to accept new configuration settings.

To wake up the Key Fob, press 'Learn' for more than 3 seconds. This will then allow it to accept new configuration settings from the Z-Wave controller.

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