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Z-Wave Everspring Dimmer Socket

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Everspring wall plug with dim function

  • Remote controllable adapter plug type G
  • Max. Switch and Dim Load: 400 W
  • Easy Plug & Play installation 
  • Wirelessly switch and dim function 
  • Wireless Technology: Z-Wave

The Everspring Dimmer Socket can be used in any standard plug socket and is compatible with all Z-Wave controllers. You can remotely turn the lamp on or off and control its brightness by using a Z-Wave controller. It also includes a manual override.

This dimmer socket is ideal for both security and saving money. For instance, if you have left your home, and you have a feeling that you have left the lamps on, then you can use this device to turn them off. The dimmer can also be activated when a motion detector is broken or when a door is opened.

Note: Can be used with incandescent and halogen lamps, LEDs may flicker or not work correctly.

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