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Should I use VERA UI7?

Back in April, we wrote a post about VERA releasing UI6 firmware (Should I use VERA UI6?), and in our opinion, people should stay with the then current UI5.Well, things have moved on, but not in a positive way.In the latest batch of VERA Lite and VERA3 controllers we've found that they have the new UI7 installed and it is now very difficult to...
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Vesternet Mondays (11th August) – 20% Savings

Vesternet Mondays - 11th AugustNext week's Vesternet Mondays sale features spectacular one-day savings of up to 20% on VERA, EZMotion, Fibaro, Popp and TKB.We've even introduced a special VERA + RFX starter kit so you can easily put together a Z-Wave and 433MHz system. VERA Lite - Save £24.51 VERA Lite + RFXtrx433E Starter Kit - Save £37.89 ...
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Fibaro Motion Sensor working with VERA

Since launching the Fibaro Motions Sensor we've found some incompatibilities with VERA, however, we're happy to report this is now fixed.Fibaro has released a v2.6 version of the Motion Sensor that has improved compatibility with 3rd party controllers.We've tested it and can confirm that the v2.6 works great with VERA, but you need to be caref...
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Should I use VERA UI6?

VERA has recently released the beta version of UI6 - their new firmware for the VERA Lite and VERA3 controllers.However, even though this hasn't been officially announced, VERA is informing all new VERA users to upgrade to UI6 rather than stay on UI5. This is causing some issues as UI6 currently doesn't fully support all devices, plugins or Ap...
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Guides to VERA PLEG and PLTS Plugins

We've just added a number of guides showing how to use the popular VERA PLEG and PLTS Program Logic Plugins.Why these Plugins?The basic scene control in VERA can be a little restrictive and does't allow you to have conditional statements that need 'AND'. Previously the only solution was to use LUA code for these types of scenes.For instance yo...
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Bargain - £70 off VERA3

For a limited time we're offering £70 (35%) off the VERA3 Z-Wave Controller, when you purchase it together with some other Vesternet products.This means you can get the VERA3 at the same price as the VERA Lite!!!...
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Using Hand-Held Remote Controls

Home Automation is all about making life easy for yourself. So adding a hand-held remote control to your system makes a lot of sense.You can carry the remote around with you or you can leave it on a table so that it's always in reach, ready to kick your system into action.Remotes can be used stand alone, controlling individual devices, but the...
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Vesternet Mondays (19th August) - 20% Savings

Vesternet Mondays 19th August - The Final and Ultimate SaleNext week's Vesternet Mondays event will be the final one, so we've made it the Ultimate sale. It's crammed full of every Fibaro product plus VERA Lite and the Aeon MultiSen...
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Vesternet Mondays (5th August) - 20% Savings

We're moving into the second month of Vesternet Mondays, bringing you even more spectacular summer savings.Vesternet Mondays - 5th AugustNext week's Vesternet Mondays sale will feature fantastic savings of up to 20% on the VERA3 and...
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