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Using Philips Hue with Z-Wave

A few months ago we launched a new series of guides aimed at integrating different technologies together.This time we're focusing on the fantastic range of devices from Philips Hue - you'll recall that we're big fans of this lighting system and all of us at Vesternet use it in our own homes!Let's start by looking at how integrating Philips Hu...
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Does experience make HomeSeer the best Smart Home Controller?

The US has had a head start when it comes to Home Automation - the roots of technologies such as X10 can actually be traced all the way back to Scotland in the mid-1970's, but it was the US that took the technology main stream in the early 1990's.So it's no surprise that it's a US based company that has one of the longest histories in the Smar...
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Fibaro Swipe fully functional in VERA UI7

In our previous post we reviewed the newest Z-Wave Plus device from Fibaro - the Fibaro Swipe - and we mentioned that we'd worked our magic and managed to get the device fully functional in the VERA Z-Wave controller, both for gesture control and for sequence control.We're now putting the final touches on one of our fantastic PDF guides th...
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Fibaro Swipe Left or Right? In-depth REVIEW

It's been a long time since Fibaro launched a new device - aside from updates to existing devices they've not really released anything exciting for a few years. Some might argue that the Dimmer 2 would fall into that category, but at the end of the day that's just another lighting module and we'd say it was more evolutionary than revolution...
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Devolo Home Control System in-depth review

Yawn, what's this then, yet another newcomer to the Z-Wave market promising to deliver a perfect out-of-the-box Home Automation experience?Regular readers of our Blog will understand our scepticism - we test these sorts of products all the time and nearly always end up disappointed with the end results.Previously there's always something tha...
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Using Nest with Z-Wave

As you're no doubt aware, we recently added the entire Nest and Philips Hue ranges to the Vesternet web site.  Regular readers of our blog will recall that we mentioned we'd be looking at writing guides surrounding these new products covering integration with Z-Wave systems and various other tips and tricks.After many weeks of work, we're p...
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First impressions of the Vera Plus

As promised in our previous Blog post, we're taking a quick first look at the Vera Plus today.It's been over a year since Vera launched their Edge controller while at the same time simultaneously withdrawing the Vera Lite & Vera 3.  This move surprised us at Vesternet as the two previous models targeted different user requirements, so to ...
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Yale Keyless Lock wins DIY Awards Product of the Year

They say good things come in threes and this is certainly the case for Yale which won ‘Best Security Product of the Year’ for the third time in a row at last night’s DIY Week AwardBeating off stiff competition from Carl Kammerling International and Masterlock, it was Yale’s Keyless Smart Lock that triumphed.The annual event, attended b...
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Domitech Dimmable Smart LED Light - now available at Vesternet

At Vesternet, we're glad to announce the availability of the smart, energy-efficient and the pocket-friendly Domitech Smart LED Light bulb on Vesternet.The smart LED bulb is an intelligent, fully-dimmable and energy-efficient bulb that can be controlled wirelessly from anywhere. It's slightly different from other smartphone controlled LED li...
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