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Zigbee - Sirens, Doorbells & Sounders

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Zigbee sirens are an integral part of your home automation and security system - there's nothing like a loud alarm siren to deter intruders and raise the alarm with you and neighbours. It may not necessarily make people come running to check your house, but a high decibel Z-Wave alarm siren will make an intruder quickly leave your property. They won't want to stick around in case they are caught, so they leave quickly.

Zigbee sirens work with the rest of your Zigbee home automation system, these integrate with the Zigbee hub controller and will work together with other devices such as Zigbee Lights, enabling lights to be activated if an emergency or intrusion is detected.

If you've got questions about Zigbee Sirens and Smart Home Security, then you've come to the right place. We have hundreds of guides showing exactly how to choose and install Zigbee devices, and we offer the largest selection of Zigbee Products in Europe.

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