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APNT-47 - Adding LightwaveRF Devices to VERA

This guide shows how to add LightwaveRF devices to a VERA controller that has a RFXtrx433 USB module installed.

Extending VERA's capabilities to be able to control devices based on 433MHz frequency bands makes great sense. Simply adding the RFXtrx433 USB transceiver you can use VERA's advanced features, scenes and scripting capabilities to control LightwaveRF devices.

If you've not installed the RFXtrx433 USB, take a look at our guide Configuring VERA to work with RFXtrx433 transceiver.

Adding LightwaveRF Devices Automatically

The RFXtrx433 will automatically add LightwaveRF devices to VERA as they are activated by a LightwaveRF remote controller.

  • Check that 'AutoCreate' is active (set to ON) - RFXtrx Controller > Plugin Settings tab
  • Pair your LightwaveRF remote controller with the LightwaveRF device (Dimmer or On/Off Socket)
  • Activate the LightwaveRF device using the LightwaveRF remote - turn the device On
  • The device will appear in the VERA DEVICES screen (see figure 1 left image)
  • Rename the device and click 'SAVE' in VERA
  • The device will now appear as an On/Off switch (see figure 1 right image)
  • Note - this works well for adding On/Off devices, using the Manual process is sometimes easier when adding dimmers.

Adding LightwaveRF Devices Automatically to VERAFigure 1: LightwaveRF devices in VERA after being Added Automatically.

Adding LightwaveRF Devices Manually

If you don't have a LightwaveRF remote control you can manually added devices to VERA, this process is also useful if you don't wish for devices to be automatically added to VERA.

To manually add devices to VERA, follow a two step process:

  • Create a new LightwaveRF device using the RFX Controller
  • Pair this device with the actual LightwaveRF device

Create a New Device

  • In VERA, click on the RFX Controller's 'Wrench' icon
  • Go to the 'New Device' tab
  • Select 'LightwaveRF - Siemens' from the Category drop-down
  • Select the correct type of device from the Device Type drop-down - Switch Light (On/Off), Dimmer, Motion Sensor, Door Sensor, Window Covering
  • Give the new device a name
  • You need to choose an 'ID' and 'Unit Code' for the LightwaveRF device being added
    You can choose these values yourself - just make sure you only use the combination (ID + Unit Code) once - this ensures each device is unique
  • Enter the 'ID' - any value from 1 to 16777215
  • Select the 'Unit Code' from the drop-down
  • Click the 'Create' button

Adding LightwaveRF Devices to VERA ManuallyFigure 2: Creating a LightwaveRF Device using the RFX Controller.

  • Close the window (click X in the top right corner)
  • You will now see a new device in VERA's 'DEVICE' window (probably in the 'No Room' Section)
  • This device will have the name you entered - for example Lounge Dimmer

LightwaveRF icon in VERAFigure 3: New LightwaveRF device in VERA after being Added Manually.

Pair the New Device with the LightwaveRF Device

You now need to Pair the new LightwaveRF device (in VERA) with the actual (physical) LightwaveRF device

  • Put the physical LightwaveRF device into Pairing mode - see the LightwaveRF device's user manual
  • In VERA turn the device 'ON' using its icon
  • You will see the actual LightwaveRF device's LED flash to confirm it has been paired correctly
  • Click the blue 'RELOAD' button to ensure VERA has fully configured the device and saved all settings

You now have control of your LightwaveRF devices from within VERA, you can use VERA's scenes, schedules and even Z-Wave devices, such as sensors, to activate the LightwaveRF devices.

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