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Choosing the controller for a LightwaveRF system is relatively easy. It is based on whether you want to run a pure, simple LightwaveRF system or if you would also like to control other home automation technologies such as Z-Wave.

Pure LightwaveRF

If you are planning to use just LightwaveRF devices in your system, then the controller solution is simple - the LightwaveRF Link Plus - Gen2.

  • LightwaveRF Link Plus - Gen2
    The LightwaveRF Link Plus - Gen2 connects to your Wi-Fi router allowing you to control your LightwaveRF system from your smartphone, tablet or computer. It also gives you remote access so that you can control devices even if you are away from home.

The LightwaveRF Link Plus Gen2 supports all LightwaveRF devices - both the original Gen1 (433MHz) products as well as the newer Gen2 (868MHz) lighting, sockets and heating products. If you are planning to just use LightwaveRF products, then the Link is the obvious choice. It is easy to configure, easy to use and gives you full control of all the devices from your smartphone or tablet.

Hybrid System - LightwaveRF with Z-Wave

If you want to get the best of both worlds, then using a Z-Wave controller as the central hub of your home automation system may make more sense. Some Z-Wave controllers can work together with the RFXtrx433E adapter to communicate with LightwaveRF Gen1 devices. One Z-Wave controller (Homey) includes native LightwaveRF support and does not require the RFX adapter.

Using the Z-Wave controller allows you to do more sophisticated things than is possible in the LightwaveRF Link, more information is available in this separate guide - Using a Hybrid Z-Wave - LightwaveRF System

  • RFXtrx433E Adapter
    The RFXtrx433E (RFX) plugs into the Z-Wave Controller's USB socket and enables it to communicate with 433MHz-based devices, including LightwaveRF. This allows you to easily create a hybrid system for Z-Wave and LightwaveRF (Gen1) devices. Note - RFX only support 433MHz LightwaveRF products, it does not support LightwaveRF Gen2 products, the LightwaveRF Energy monitor or the LightwaveRF Heating products as they use 868MHz.
  • VERA Gateways
    The VERA Z-Wave Controllers offer low cost and a high feature set. They all work with the RFXtrx433E adapter to support LightwaveRF Gen1 devices.
  • HomeSeer Gateways and Software
    HomeSeer offer the most advanced home automation software and gateways available. They all support LightwaveRF via the RFXtrx433E adapter.
  • Indigo Software
    Indigo is the advanced smart home Software for Mac OS X, compatible with hundreds of Z-Wave and other smart devices including LightwaveRF Gen1 (using RFXtrx43E).
  • Athom Homey Smart Hub
    Homey is a versatile controller with a really easy-to-use interface (UI). It features native support for Z-Wave and LightwaveRF (433MHz only) - no need to use the RFXtrx433E adapter.


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